Our green fingered gardeners

Our class are becoming great gardeners. Each week we have 2 gardeners who care for our class plants.
In the school garden we have also been exploring how Mangetout peas grow from a seed.
IMG_0107 2JPGIMG_0110 2JPG
We observed and recorded photos of them sprouting, growing a stalk, buds and how they are growing in height every day. We used our prediction skills to predict what they would look like after a week and we were really surprised as to how much they have grown in such a short time. We learned that plants need water, air and sunlight to grow so our class gardeners have been working hard to provide these for the plants.
Finally when they were strong enough we planted them into the school garden. We set to work building a teepee using bamboo sticks to support our plants.

IMG_0115 2JPG

Now our pea plants are growing in our school garden. We have learned how these plants depend on us to care for them and how they help us too by providing tasty and healthy vegetables to eat and nourish us.
Be sure to look at the progress when you pass our garden. We can’t wait to taste our delicious mangetout peas.