Wriggle and iPads at Lucan CNS

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For parents wishing to purchase an iPad (2nd to 6th):

Wriggle Online Store opening dates: Store is open.

Store login code: 59696468 

Instructions for iPad Purchase:

Go to Wriggle.ie and select ‘Get Started’ then click  ‘Order Now’

On the following page you will see the ‘Flexi-Fi’ and ‘Store Login’ options. You may wish to apply for Flexi-Fi. Please click here for details. Otherwise enter the store code (as above) and click log in.

Note: The following 2 sections ‘Ordering iPad from Wriggle’ and ‘Choose Bundle and Order Now’ sections appear and disappear from the Wriggle website depending on the time of year. If they are not there, simply click ‘Order Now’.


Please click into the online store for your child(ren). There is an online store for each class from 2nd to 6th Class. If you do not see your child(ren)’s class(es) immediately, please scroll down.


Please select the items required. The iPad and case must be selected. The insurance is optional but highly recommended.


The delivery address is the school address (This avoids situations whereby families have moved prior to delivery or the iPad is mistakenly delivered to the wrong house – both have happened in the past!).


The school address is Lucan Community National School, Balgaddy Road, Lucan, Co. Dublin, K78TF76.


The various options for payment are then listed, select the option that applies to you.


An overview of the process is available to view on the DDLETB/Wriggle parents page. (Information re school books does not apply to Lucan CNS)


General Information – Junior Infants to First Class and prospective pupils (2nd to 6th Class):

Lucan CNS holds an information evening (webinar) for parents and guardians of first class pupils each year to discuss digital technology at Lucan CNS and the purchasing of 1:1 iPads for entering 2nd Class.

Please see the following infographic which provides an overview of the process. (Note: prices correct March 2022 and are subject to change)

Wriggle Contact Details
Click link here to access the portal Contact Us | Wriggle Learning to submit a query, email info@wrigglelearning.ie  or call on 01 500 9060. 

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