Wriggle and iPads at Lucan CNS

April 2024  –  The Wriggle store is now open.


Follow these simple steps to purchase an iPad for your child or see the Wriggle Parent Pack here.


  1. Visit the Wriggle online store: https://store.wriggle.ie/
  2. Enter the Lucan CNS code: 59696468
  3. Set up an account for yourself and then add your child(ren) for whom you are purchasing (an) iPad(s).



Note: Parents who have purchased iPads for older children in the school will notice the new Wriggle Website.


When you select the dropdown menu to select your child’s class (year). You will notice it says 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, etc. Wriggle are aware of this issue and are working with the website developer to fix it.


In the meantime, please use the following guide:


If your child is going into:


2nd Class in September 2024, choose: 2nd  Year
3rd Class in September 2024, choose: 3rd Year
4th Class in September 2024, choose: 4th Year
5th Class in September 2024, choose: 5th Year
6th Class in September 2024, choose: 6th Year



  1. When you have set your child up, click the ‘shop now’ button.
  2. This will present you with two choices of iPad – a 64GB (€379) and a 256GB (€599). Given that the iPad is to be used for 5 years (considering storage capacity), we would advise parents, if funds allow, to go for the 256GB option, and remind parents and children to mind this iPad very carefully as it is to last for the duration of primary school.
  3. The next step is to select insurance (if you wish) – this step is optional but we do recommend it. If you decide you don’t want insurance, be sure to click the box ‘I don’t need insurance’.
  4. The iPad case and Wriggle Support and Training Service are added at this stage (mandatory – see left of screen as you scroll down).
  5. When you scroll down to the end of the page, you will see the order summary and total cost. You can then click ‘Add to basket’. Click on the basket and then click on ‘Proceed to Pay’. You can then choose which payment option best suits you. Wriggle provide more information on this in their parent pack.
  6. Once you have completed the purchase, the iPad will be delivered to the school by the end of August, so that your child can start with it as soon as teaching and learning starts back again.
  7. The Wriggle Store is open from now and closes on the 25th June –  iPads must be ordered by then to be ready by the start of school.
  8. If you have any questions, Wriggle are happy to help. See contact details below.
Wriggle Contact Details
Click link here to access the portal Contact Us | Wriggle Learning to submit a query, email info@wrigglelearning.ie  or call on 01 500 9060. 

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