IT in Education – Digital School

The focus of Lucan CNS, is to create an environment which encourages excellence in education, using the most innovative and dynamic approaches, to help every child achieve to the fullest of their own particular potential.

The school offers a dynamism that suits the modern child and is establishing itself as an emerging digital school, where each child has their own mobile device and uses IT to enhance his/her learning in every aspect of the curriculum.

Our school recognizes the importance of fostering individual learning techniques, enabling children to learn in a manner suitable to them, thus inspiring and helping them to identify and develop their own particular talents. IT increases student engagement and is a key motivational tool for our young minds. Our children are being prepared for a globalized economy, which is seeking the emergence of diverse talents and creativity from our future innovators.

Please click on the following links for digital applications for your child at home.



Reading Eggs

The following are the Apps currently in use in Lucan CNS.

Story Buddy for story composition

Mathletics for maths activities

Spellyfish for phonics and blending

Letter muncher for letter formation

Monkey world for blending of words and spelling

Scratch junior for coding and sequencing

Toontastic junior for story making

Smart kid for maths

Bee-Bot for sequencing, problem solving and coding.

Digital Policies:


Lucan CNS offers a dynamism that suits the modern child. I.T., an essential skill – is encouraged and promoted, thus ensuring it becomes tool for the new innovators in a world that becomes more globalised every minute.


The aim of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources and mobile devices in a safe and effective manner.