School Policies

Lucan CNS’s school policies are tailored to suit the needs of our growing school. Our policies are working documents which will change with the changing needs of our school. We will post further policies as the school continues to grow and develop. Please feel free to read our policies by choosing a link below:


1. Admissions  – See Enrol page

2. Code of Behaviour

3. Anti-Bullying 

Notification re BOM’s annual review of Anti-Bullying Policy 2023/24

4. Acceptable Usage 

5. Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

Notification re BOM’s annual review of CSS and RA 2023/24

6. Attendance

7. Health & Safety Statement

8. Administration of Medicine

9. Substance Abuse

10. Healthy Eating /Lunch 

11. Traffic Management

12. Website Management

13. Effective Communications

14. Complaints Procedure

15. Homework