We Broke Out!

We had a very exciting day today in M.Pól’s 1st Class. We played a game, part of the educational platform BreakoutEDU, where we had to solve lots of clues to get answers to unlock different types of locks. We had to read the clues, follow directions of arrows, figure out numbers that we needed, use a legend to crack a code, and find an actual key, hidden in the room!

We had to work together and share our ideas. We listened to one another and tried out those ideas. We felt a great sense of achievement when we solved the clues!
We had to input the codes into the locks to test if our solutions were successful. There are different types of locks: 3-digit locks, 4-digit locks, directional locks, word locks and a key-lock. We had learnt a lot about solving problems. After the breakout room, we learnt the R.U.D.E. (Read, Underline, Draw, Estimate) way of problem solving in Maths. We think that will help us with our next Breakout! img_5321
We all had lots of fun breaking out of Rudolph’s Games Room! Stay tuned for more problem solving fun and games!